Radiographs or x-rays are a valuable component to the comprehensive dental exam. There is no standard timetable or age for when a child should have dental x-rays. The need varies for each child and your doctor will help you determine what is best for your child.

Dental radiographs allow the doctor to:

  • Detect problems that can’t be seen with a visual exam
  • Monitor teeth injuries and mouth traumas
  • See how the child’s teeth are erupting
  • See the number, size and position of teeth that are forming
  • Find out if the child has all of their permanent teeth or too many permanent teeth
  • Prepare for braces
  • Identify bone diseases
  • Determine if any teeth are infected

Are dental x-rays safe?

Yes! Our office uses the safest digital x-rays that are available today. Our digital x-rays emit the lowest dose of radiation and are safe for children. These x-rays provide our clinical team with invaluable information needed to assess our children’s overall oral health. Our office also utilizes a lead apron to help keep radiation exposure minimal. Please feel free to ask questions regarding our x-rays.

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